Pervaporation, Gas Permeation, Vapour Permeation

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IBMEM Pervaporation IBMEM Industrial Biotech Membranes -
- Max-Planck-Str. 16, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Deutschland

email:, Tel. +49 (0)6172 137 132

IBMEM - specialists for ceramic membranes, focusing on food, pharma and biotech, supply membranes and modules (new or replacement) and service.
Products:   Pervaporation, Vapour permeation

Membranes, modules and systems for the ethanol dehydration and solvent recovery.
Consultancy, membrane screening and pilot testing.

HYBSI pervaporation membranes ECN Energy research Centre of the Netherlands -
- Westerduinweg 3, 1755 LE Petten, Nederland Jaap Vente, email:, Tel. +31 (0) 224 56 49 16

Since 1998, ECN has been developing nanoporous membranes for gas separation, pervaporation and nanofiltration applications. Over the years the group has developed a solid intellectual property position. The group has been focused on the scaling up the sol-gel membrane technology. It was among the first to show the productivity of silica and silica based membranes on one meter long tubes.
Producten:   pervaporation membranes

ECN HybSi® Membranes delivers pervaporation membranes with an unprecedented hydrothermal stability at high temperature.

Licenses and patents: The HybSi® membrane and auxiliary system technology is covered by a number of ECN patents. ECN is currently looking for interested parties to take a license.
Membranes and modules: Single tube modules with a membrane surface area of up to ~400cm2 are available to selected endusers.
Laboratory measurements: ECN offers to perform pervaporation measurements for interested end users on their industrial mixtures under relevant conditions
On-site pilot testing: ECN provides a service to perform on-site testing using a skid-mounted installation with a total membrane surface area of 1m2.