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Suzhou Vina Filter Vina Filter Co. - www.membranes.jimdo.com
- 301,No.21 Building of NEP,369#,Lushan Road, 215129 Suzhou, China

Yunfei XING, email: vinafilter@126.com, Tel. 0512-88879590

products:   hollow fiber membranes

ultrafiltration modules, tubular membranes, oily separation filters, diatomaceous earth filter.

We export:
- First-class hollow fiber MF/UF membranes with the brand ZENOMEM;
- Flat sheet or cassette MF/UF membranes for biotechnology and pharmaceutical;
- Tubular membranes, PES or PVDF material, ID=12.5 mm, WMCO=50-100Da;
- Diatomaceous Earth based ceramic filters with the brand VINAKLEEN;
- Hydrocarbon removal filter cartridge with the brand VINACELX, anologues of the well-known MYCELX filters.
company profile:
Located inside Suzhou National Environmental Industry Park, VINA FILTER Co., Ltd is an active and innovative company focused on developing new filtration materials and its applications for water, wastewater and gas purification. VINA FILTER is an industry's leader in the design of membrane filtration systems in China, offers filters, membranes, filtration systems and engineering service for process pure water production and oily waste water recovery.

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